Tree Services

Tree trimming and tree pruning for the health of your trees is critical

At Collins Land Services, we take a customized approach to your tree trimming and pruning needs. We may be removing dead branches to promote tree health or healthy branches to improve a view. We may be shaping trees purely for aesthetic purposes or correcting structural imperfections to promote longevity. We may be training a young tree to grow properly or removing diseased limbs that have an insect infestation.

The removal of dead or dangerous trees should be a priority for every property owner. Eliminating dead wood, removing dangerous branches, and correctly caring for young trees are all important to minimize hazards to property and people. These services should only be rendered by trained and experienced technicians to reduce potential injury or damage to property.


Tree Removal and Stump Grinding

For those of us who love trees, tree removal can be an unpleasant word. However, as responsible urban foresters, we understand that the need to remove a tree is sometimes inevitable. Age, stability, lean, safety, and proximity to a structure are all considerations that need to be taken into account when analyzing trees needing to be removed.

Once the decision has been made to remove a tree, next comes the hard part – how to safely remove it.

Based on the layout of your property, we will create the best course of action to safely remove your tree with as little impact as possible to the surrounding area.